"This has got to be the trimmest all-in-one I've ever used in 6 years of cloth diapering." More Reviews

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  • Learn what makes the SoftBums Echo system totally unique
  • SoftBums Slide2Size really fits every baby (Yes, even yours!)

SoftBums Seasons!

This year we're releasing new limited prints and colors seasonally!

This season we're going Out of This World with our first ever Seasons Collection!

Get your Echo fix with our new Solar Flare w/velcro and Close Encounters of the Turd Kind in both snaps and velcro.  For the Omni lovers out there we have Nebula, a beautiful and colorful print.  Don't be fooled by the touch of pink, this looks right at home on any baby, boy or girl.

Get them while you can, because next season we're doing it all over again with a whole new collection!  You can get your Echo shell HERE and your Omni HERE.  And don't forget to try our new Hybrid H-PODS while you're here!

More exciting stuff on our SoftBums blog: I Love Cloth Diapers


SoftBums shells come in either Echo or Omni and are the only diaper to use the Patent Pending Slide2Size adjustment, which means you won't have to worry about them fitting your baby! SoftBums are sold as single pieces or in packages, so you can customize your order to truly fit your needs.

It's just 2 Easy steps to get started!

Step 1: Pick your shell

Pick Your Shell

Step 2: Pick your pod