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ECHO (trim-fit) vs OMNI (full-fit)

What's the Difference?

If you have a Newborn, you'll need mostly ECHO trim-fit SoftBums Shells. 

If you have a baby 4mo(or 17lbs), or bigger, you can choose the fuller fit of the OMNI, or the trimmer fit of the ECHO. 

A Trim Fit works great for daytime for toddlers 1 year or older, but you'll need more of a Fuller Fit if you have a heavy wetter and need more absorbency. 

Also, most people use OMNI full-fit for naps, long car rides, and night-time as you get more coverage and you can stuff a TON of absorbency in the OMNI Shell!  Hope this helps, and please contact us with any questions!

To find out which absorbent POD to match with your Shells





This cloth diaper is amazing! I switched over my entire stash after finding SoftBums Diapers. I think the size adjustment system is the best invention to hit cloth diapers in 20 years!
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