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One-Size Bamboo SUPER Double-Pod
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One-Size Bamboo SUPER Double-Pod

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  • Now Even More Absorbent!
  • Small topped with velour too!
  • Easier to Use, only wash Once!
  • Great Double Pod can be used twice with smaller baby, or light-wetter
  • Built in absorbency for Night-time, no need to add more inserts!

 SoftBums Bamboo is on a whole other level of quality and you won't find this in any other diaper on the market.  We strive for the highest quality and you can see it when you pick up one of our inserts.  They are very thick, super soft, and plush.  It's got about twice as much absorbency as other bamboo inserts on the market because we started with the main base of very thick, yet silky soft layers of bamboo fleece.  We only use bamboo velour on the top layer so that we can get as much absorbency as possible in the internal layers.  It makes for the richest and most sought after inserts out there!  

Our blend:

Blend: 70% Viscose from Bamboo/30% Organic Cotton

Tested and Certified to European Standards and Oeko-tex

SoftBums Pod System

SoftBums One-Size Bamboo SUPER Double-Pod

Bamboo One-Size Super Double-Pods

  • Double-Pod is Actually 2 Pods in 1!  1 One-size + 1 Small
  • Same great One-size Super Bamboo Pods we have always made for you, and you have heard about from all your friends, just in a pre-washed version.  Less work for you!
  • Traditional natural fibers, including Bamboo products, USUALLY need to be pre-washed many many times before use, to rinse out the natural oils so that they finally become absorbent enough for use. We have eliminated the need for this lengthy pre-washing step, and now you only need to pre-wash your PODs just once to be able to use them!
Less Work, Means more time with baby!
  • Without the usual lengthy pre-washing, you can now enjoy using your Bamboo PODs right away!
  • No more leaks due to insufficient pre-washing
  • Less wear and tear on the fibers from multiple HOT washes to prep them
  • More absorbency quicker
  • Saves time and Money for your family!
How Do I Wash my NEW SoftBums Bamboo?

(Same as before, just fewer pre-washes. Yay!)

Pre-Wash Instructions:
  • Wash Once in HOT water with 1/4 of the recommended amt of detergent.  Make sure water level is HIGH.  Dry on Medium in the Dryer.  The first few times you wash your natural fiber inserts/pods they will take longer to dry.  Simply hang to dry the rest of the way.  
*Bamboo is NOT recommended to dry in Full Sun

Normal Washing Instructions

For a Top Loader:

  1. Water Level HIGH
  2. Only add 3/4 washer Full of diapers, too many and they won't get clean1/4 of the recommended amount of Detergent (If the instructions say to use to the 1 line, only go up 1/4 of the way to the 1 line.  It's not the detergent that gets your diapers clean, it's the water.  If you are washing often enough(every 1-3 days), and not using too much detergent(detergent acts like a magnet to bacteria and can cause leaks or rash), your diapers will never get stinky.
  3. Wash on WARM or COLD with detergent (use warm if your detergent has enzymes)
  4. Wash a Second time on HOT, with No Detergent
  5. Dry PODS in dryer on Med, hang dry Shells(for first time, dry Shells in dryer for 20 min or more to seal holes)

For an HE Front Loader:

It's very important to make sure there is enough water in the washing machine. So you have to trick the washer into adding as much water as possible.  These settings are for the "LG Front Loader".  Your washer may vary but this is the best combo we have found : 

  1. Fill wetbags up with cold water before adding to washer(this will saturate your diapers and make them heavier to the sensor making the washer add more water.  The more water the better and since you cannot manually adjust for a Frontloader, this is the best solution.)
  2. Wash twice.  1st Load - ADD 1/4 or less of recommended Detergent - Delicate Cycle - extra rinse- prewash - low spin - heavy soil -  WARM or COLD(if your detergent contains enzymes you HAVE TO use warm otherwise they won't activate and clean properly)
  3. 2nd Load - high spin - heavy soil - Permanent Press - HOT - NO Detergent
  4. Dry Pods, and hang dry Shells to prolong life
Any Tips?

  • Yes!  Wash often!  Stinky diapers happen if you wait to long to wash.  Best time is every other day, or every 3 days.  Any longer and the stink monster lurks!
  • Baking soda, and Washing soda (same thing as baking soda but a bit stronger), are the ONLY safe additives for diapers!
  • Full sun can break down your bamboo fibers.  Do NOT use full sun unless you are sunning for stains, and that should only take about 10min.
  • Use enough water!  If you have a Top loader this is easier.  Front Loaders, or Top Loading HE machines tend to have more problems with this, and you may have to "trick" your machine into adding more water.
  • No News is Good News!  If you aren't having problems, stick to what works!  We did cloth diapers for 2 years before we ever even heard of people having problems with it.  Cloth diapers are EASY to wash, so if you are having problems contact a professional, and try a bit of experimentation.
  • Experiment!  If you are experiencing any weird diaper laundry problems, don't try adding additives, or ruining your diapers just because you are getting the stinkies, or stains.  First try the simple things like using less, or more detergent, or switching detergents, or adding more water, or adding fewer diapers to your machine, or washing more often. Try 1 NEW thing for a week or 2 to see if it helps.  If not, go back and start again trying something else instead.  You should notice a change after the first load or 2 of any new system.

Where are these made?  The Shells are all made in our USA facility.  The PODS are all made ethically and lovingly in China.

Customer Reviews
Rating Awesome absorbency without the prep time!!
I was so pleased with these pods! They have the same contoured shape as SoftBums OS supers all do. They are super absorbent without the usually lengthy prep time of natural fibers. The small pod has a velour layer just like the OS pod which I think is absolutely PERFECT for newborns! I am so pleased with these pods and cannot wait to buy more.
  Reviewed by:   from Maine. on 12/22/2016
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This cloth diaper is amazing! I switched over my entire stash after finding SoftBums Diapers. I think the size adjustment system is the best invention to hit cloth diapers in 20 years!
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