Softbums: Cloth Diapers that Fit

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*All Seconds are out of stock, check back soon for more!*

Seconds Shells have minor or major imperfections, that may or may not affect function, and may or may not be easily repairable. All items are marked as Seconds, and are Sold "As is", not covered under warranty, not exchangeable, or returnable.

That being said, most of the Shells and Pods listed here have Nothing technically wrong with them, or visible wrong, and are just an "old style".  You can get some realllllly good deals here, and if you need to be on a budget, you can get an amazing stash quickly for very little money with these!  

The Seconds that are listed in the $5 Deals section, may need some minor repairs.  Some are fixable with hand sewing, or if you have a handy relative or friend with a sewing machine, you can find some really cool stuff in there like "Hard To Find" SoftBums and others!


This cloth diaper is amazing! I switched over my entire stash after finding SoftBums Diapers. I think the size adjustment system is the best invention to hit cloth diapers in 20 years!
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