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SoftBums Echo Shell
SoftBums Echo Shell

SoftBums Echo Shell

Part Number ECHO
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This is the waterproof Echo Shell only, so be sure to check out our Pod System to include Pods or Mini Pods before you check out.

If you are looking for packages that include both shells and pods, go to SoftBums Packages.


SoftBums Echo with Slide˛Size is available in 6 great colors!


SoftBums Echo Features:

  • SoftBums Patent Pending Slide˛Size is the ONLY variable adjustment of it's kind
  • Fits all legs widths from 4" - 14" for NO red marks EVER.  Made in the USA!
  • Choose your own Pods for a customized diapering system!
  • SoftBums Echo looks smaller than leading brands, because it's Ultra Trim
  • No Leaks, Thanks to Slide˛Size Technology!
  • SoftBums Echo protects against rash; up to 80% less rash than disposables!
  • Industrial strength velcro closures are long lasting and won't "wear out" like other velcro
  • Reusable Echo shell saves money, space, and resources


Pod System



Which Pod should I choose?

Small DryTouch Mini PodLarge DryTouch PodOne-Size DryTouch SUPER PodSmall Bamboo Mini PodsLarge Bamboo PodOne-Size Bamboo Pod


Nothing fits like a SoftBums with Slide˛Size, and SoftBums Pods are made to fit perfectly inside a SoftBums Echo Shell, but Pods are even more useful than that.  The best kept secret about Pods is that they'll fit in ANY waterproof diaper shell, even a pocket diaper, and turn it into a reusable diapering system.

Choose your Pod and don't forget to get a couple Mini Pods while you're here!


Have Questions?  Visit our FAQ page


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Rating If I had known then, what I know now
When I was pregnant I decided to cloth diaper. I started off with 35 diapers. Pockets, fitteds, prefolds and covers. None of it worked for her. I was around $800 into a stash that just didn't work for us. I had no idea where to turn. When my daughter was around 3-4 months old, I placed an order for a mystery fluff package through kissed by the moon. An Echo and large pod was in it. Immediately I was amazed at the softness. After it was prepped and I was able to use it on my daughter, I fell in love. It was an answer to my diapering woes. No red marks, no leaks, a happy dry baby even if it was a while between changes. Soon I came to realize how marvelous this diaper was. After a few weeks I decided to buy another and more pods. Now we could almost get through a day with the two echos and 6 pods. I mentioned to my husband about switching out our stash for all Softbums. He was on board. He also loved the aplix and was sick of snaps. I was sick of stuffing pockets as well. Quickly I was able to sell off my other stash and build our soft bums stash. As her legs grow and her waist, i can adjust the slide2size elastic. When we are in the car or traveling, I can use a super, and not have to worry about leaks. The ability to change the absorbency, has been wonderful. The aplix has held strong and I haven't had any of the splitting or rolling that i noticed with other diapers. These are so easy to launder. The shells dry quickly when hung to dry and the pods have stayed soft and bright. Somehow I haven't had any of the stains remain, like they did in the other stash. We now have 25 echos/omnis and a lot of pods. We have still spent less on Softbums than we had on the other stash. We could go a lot longer between washes if we chose to. The ability to reuse the cover and change the pods truly makes this a very economical diapering solution. It is very affordable, which is great since, Softbums comes out with a new calendar bum diaper each month, i feel as if I can add to my stash and not have to worry about my wallet. A bigger stash to us, means less wear on the shells and the ability to use them for a second child, at birth! Since these will fit 5lbs+ we can start right away. Had I known at the beginning how wonderful Softbums was, it would have been my only choice. Having an american made diaper makes me feel like I am supporting OUR economy. The customer service is phenomenal! THANK YOU SOFTBUMS! YOU ROCK!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Honolulu, HI. on 1/12/2013
Rating Best diaper!
Echo diapers are my go-to diaper! The fit my son beautifully, and I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of putting the Side2Side sizing pocket on the front, where I can access it while the diaper is on the baby so I can get the perfect fit. One microfiber pod, and this lasts us at least three hours, and the microfleece liner is still dry! I also love that they're made locally. We'll be SoftBums customers as long as we have bums that need covering!
  Reviewed by:   from Burnsville, MN. on 7/3/2011
Rating Just amazing!
I don't even know where to start about these diapers. I was ready to give up on cloth diapering when I stumbled upon these online. I ordered a small package of them just to try them out and then not even a week after receiving them I ordered a good to go pack. They are so easy to use; this is the first diaper that my husband feels comfortable using! They really do fit newborns which is something to be said. Many one sized diapers make that claim. I have tried other brands (which was many) they did not fit or if they fit in one way they did not fit in another. These diapers fit in every way. I have had NO leaks and no nasty red marks! I use them day and night, at home and when we go out. I never thought that I would cloth diaper 100 percent of the time until I started using these diapers! I love the colors they come in and all of the different patterns. They are so cute. I could honestly go on and on about these diapers. I would recommend that if anyone is interested in trying cloth diapering or about ready to give up, try these first!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Canada. on 12/20/2013
Rating Really do fit ALL babies!!!
We are very blessed to be able to use SoftBums on our daughter! After many hours of research on what cloth diaper to use, we chose SoftBums and have never looked back!! We started out with just 2 Echo's when she came home from NICU weighing 4 lbs 13 oz and they fit! I was amazed at how well they fit and worked! The slide 2 size is an incredible system and we will be forever thankful for our SoftBums!! What a great company and great owners that stand behind their product!!! We recommend SoftBums to all mama's we come across!!
  Reviewed by:   from Missouri. on 1/15/2013
Rating In love!
I've been using Softbums for 6 months and never looked back! I can always get a perfect fit, there's always a combination of pods that will work wonderfully for any situation, they're super cute (especially the Calendar Bums, snatch those up while you can!), and we always get compliments at the doctor's office. :) If you have other shells, the pods can easily turn any shell into an AI2 system to save on laundry. I have mostly Echos, but I do have a few Omnis that I like to use for bedtime. I absolutely love them!
  Reviewed by:   from South Dakota. on 1/13/2013

This cloth diaper is amazing! I switched over my entire stash after finding SoftBums Diapers. I think the size adjustment system is the best invention to hit cloth diapers in 20 years!
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